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Water Taxi offers unique opportunities for your message to be seen in Oklahoma's busiest playground, the Bricktown entertainment district. Whether during the peak spring/summer/fall visitor season, or during the fall and winter professional basketball season, literally millions of people visit Bricktown each year. By advertising with Water Taxi, your message will reach into the heart of the district and be available to individuals with ready, disposable income. Your advertising program can include:

On Board Advertising

Your advertisement can be seen on one of the most visible elements in one of the hottest entertainment districts in this region.  All helm advertisements are installed in back-lit sign boxes, and are dramatically viewable not only to passengers on the boat, but to people walking through the Bricktown canal area and dining along the waterway's edges. People who have seen the helm ads at night say that the LED backlighting makes them look similar to a still image displayed an LCD flat panel television or computer monitor. They are incredibly attention-grabbing.

Bow panel advertisements are inside the boat, highly visible to passengers and passers-by.

Web Advertising

With one of the most-visited sites for visitors to the Oklahoma City metro, bricktownwatertaxi.com provides an excellent platform for your message. Specifically those in the hospitality industry can benefit greatly by putting their message on this website, often one of the first stops for those planning a visit to Oklahoma City.

Ticket Booth Advertisements and literature distribution

Our ticket booth can expose your advertisements to hundreds of thousands each year. Literature distribution to all ticketed passengers is one way of reaching a large number of active people in the Bricktown area. In addition to the passengers who come to the booth to purchase tickets, our location on Mickey Mantle Drive is arguably the most visible location in Bricktown, with both pedestrian and slow-moving vehicular traffic year-round. Contact us to find out more about electronic and other advertising potential related to the Water Taxi ticket booth.

To find out more about these programs, or to get a quote for any or all of these advertising opportunities, please or call (405)234-8263 ext. 4.

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